Industries Served
  • * Assisted Living
  • * Automotive
  • * Aviation
  • * Business Services
  • * Daycares
  • * Education
  • * Financial Services
  • * Health Care
  • * Personal-Care Businesses
  • * Franchises
  • * Universities

Allied Systems, Inc.
3869 N. Thomas
Memphis, Tn. 38127
Phone: 901-357-8102
Phone: 1-800-732-5192
Fax: 901-353-4552
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Allied Systems, Incorporated's mission is to make the selection and purchase, installation and maintenance of electronic systems a worry-free and timesaving undertaking. The company plans to distinguish itself in this manner by putting the needs of its customers first. The owner of Allied Systems, Inc., a second-generation family business, provides the vision for the company.

Allied Systems, Inc. was incorporated in the State of Tennessee as a "C" Corporation on December 27, 1967 and is a second-generation family business founded on providing customers with the best products and services available. Our business is strictly regulated by the states we do business in including Tennessee, Arkansas, and Mississippi. These states require registration and certification of sales, service, and management employees. The certification process includes, fingerprinting, background checks, proof of basic education and adequate training in specific and non-specific fields. The certification process concludes with the issuance of a state photo identification card. Management and supervisory personnel are required to undergo mandatory annual training in order to receive re-certification, and employees are encouraged to pursue training and certification.Allied Systems, Inc. satisfied customer list includes many large, medium and small businesses. We are proud to service a full spectrum of businesses regardless of their size. Allied Systems, Inc. was built on service and our future growth will also be built on this principal. In business there are many rules, but at the topof this list of rules you will find "That people buy from people".This is what Allied Systems, Inc. is all about.